Here you will see all the great sites on the internet, all about zombies. We have searched the internet high and low to find these sites, some sites we contact get great responses from. If you know of any cool zombie, undead, horror sites email us at. Every link on this page opens up a new window, so turn off pop up blockers. Thanks and enjoy!



My Living Dead Girl
The site is done by Jason McDonald, another zombie enthusiast. Check out the web comic as it is grossly amusing. There's even a web film in the works.Mosty in black and white, with great artwork. (

Day off the Dead
Very well done 3d animation. Funny story and great characters. A must see!!! I want them to make an episode 2. Day off the Dead being in black and white makes it an instant 3d classic. (

Xombie Animated Series
James Farr is by far one of the best flash animators out there today. The Xombie series has over 5 well animated episodes. The show is all about a cool zombie hero, with a dog as a side kick. Definetly check out this cartoon. (

Zombie Pirates
Check out our exclusive interview with the shows creator. Zombie Pirates is a series of stop motion short cartoons based around immortal zombie pirates who are looting all of the merchant ships at sea.

Stubbs the Zombie
Developed by former members of Bungie Studios members and utilizing the Halo 2 engine, Stubbs the Zombie "Rebel Without a Pulse" delivers a stirring tale of one man's hunger for love, justice...and brains. Currently coming soon to a Xbox near you.

The Zombie Survival Guide
The Zombie Survival Guide is your complete resource for surviving an encounter with the undead. Information on zombies weeknesses, strengths and how to kill one of the undead. The offical site. (

Find out what kind of zombie you are? From George Romero Zombie to a Fulci Zombie, even a Resident Evil Zombie.
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